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You've come to the right place if:

  • You want a "Bucket List" destination.

  • You're thinking about a complex itinerary, not just a "Fly and Flop".

  • You like to get personal with a destination.

  • You're looking for something out of the ordinary.

  • You're marking a milestone and want to make a memory.

  • You've worked hard for this trip and want value for money.

  • You appreciate the full-service and support you find with us.

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Susan Sontag

Karen Aikman
Specializing in creating personalized travel itineraries in far-flung places.

There are as many different ways to travel as there are places to go.  Sitting in the sun on a sandy beach, sipping a boat drink, feeling your warm skin cooled by a sea breeze is as much heaven as bouncing in the back of a safari vehicle, as it comes to a stop, to catch sight of a lion lazing in the distance.

I’m all for unplugging and relaxing, letting myself be pampered in a fantastic hotel or resort, but I also absolutely love losing myself in a destination, feeling like I’m a part of it,  like I’m really experiencing the people, culture, sounds, and smells of a place.  I’ve found I can still get enveloped in a location, like in my backpacker days, only now I do so while enjoying better food and more comfortable accommodations.

I have had the good fortune of making a life of travel and I am truly grateful for this opportunity to share my skills, destination knowledge, and relationships with you.  When I can’t personally vouch for the destination, we use only vetted and trusted suppliers, with whom I work extremely closely in creating your itinerary that is personalized to your taste and style.

Connect with me by scheduling your 15 minute introductory session and let's get started together.