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6 Quick Tips for Planning Travel After Covid-19

History tells us that every crisis is followed by strong economic recovery. Now is the time to consider your future travel plans as post-pandemic demand will likely be stronger than ever.

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Look for places not hard- hit by Covid-19.  Understand any quarantine requirements.

Calculate Savings


Understand the refund/cancellation policies, and have them in writing.

Cruise Boat


Consider a cabin with a balcony or a small ship cruise.  Demand for 2021 will include canceled cruises from 2020.  The time to book is now.

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Your Health

Consider your health and potential impact you may have on the destination.

Insurance Agent

Travel Insurance

Understand the terms of your policy and have them in writing.  Purchase from a reputable company.

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Value over Cost

Focus on the value over the cost of your trip.  Deep discounts could reflect financial trouble of the supplier.

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